General Terms and Conditions and Terms of Service for using Alloma-Website


§1 Mission Statement

1.      Alloma is an Internet-Service for the free exchange of free articles and services.

2.      By offering (donating) items/services free of charge to other persons/groups/organizations, who can make use of it, we contribute to reducing unnecessary waste, which creates a better environment and at the same time it helps those persons in need for such wares, articles or products. By offering items, expertise and services free of charge, it helps others, and contributes to nurturing the ‘donation mentality’ within society, creating a more sensitive and responsible society.

3.      Alloma offers merely a platform for free exchange of articles and services. It offers no products. The platform allows registered members to exchange free of charge articles and services solely between themselves.

4.      Alloma reserves the right to be able to offer members its own paid services in the future.

5.      Generally, Alloma does not always check offered items and service, and does not check their legality, correctness and completeness.

6.      Alloma takes no responsibility of any kind for texts and for images that are published on it. The member who publishes the texts and/or the images on Alloma website, takes full responsibility for his/her published content. The published content on Alloma platform, apart from advertisement, is merely created and published by  registered members, who will be held fully liable for it.

7.      All contracts and agreements made using the Alloma website are made solely between registered members without any interference of Alloma, apart from exceptional cases.

8.      Alloma takes no responsibility for offers of articles and services that are provided using the Alloma platform, and it takes no part in ensuring the delivery of physical items, goods or services. Although Alloma tends to receive feedback that may improve the platform and increase the reliability of services offered by its members, it has no authority or responsibility of any kind towards the reliability of offers made by its members.


§2 Eligibility:

1.      The following Terms and Conditions of Alloma contain all relevant and exclusively applicable terms and conditions between Alloma and the registered members of Alloma website.


§3 Registration and Accessing Alloma

1.      The active participation in Alloma website requires users to have a fully verified Alloma-membership.

2.      Every natural person is allowed to register and become an Alloma-member, provided he/she have delivered real and under certain circumstances verifiable personal information. The Alloma-member can provide any username, as long as it is under the act of law and does not violate it.

3.      Registration and use of Alloma is only allowed for person over 14 years old.

4.      Each member is allowed to register a single Alloma-account for each given Address.

5.      Registering on Alloma is completely free of charge. The Alloma-membership is also free. The exchange of goods and/or services using Alloma website is, in most cases, free of charge. No claim from members is made for the admission of Alloma website. In some cases, special services (e.g. receiving SMS notifications) may cost a small fee.

6.      Membership in Alloma website is allowed to all legally competent persons who are over fourteen (14) years old, and who have the legal right to use Alloma website as members. Only people who are over eighteen (18) years old are allowed to use the adult section of Alloma website. The personal information of members especially regarding their age must be real information. At  request, the Members have to send Alloma a recognized copy of their ID cards or proof of age. The electronically entered personal information on Alloma registration form must be complete, and real information regarding the person who is registering. A member can choose any Username and Password for login. If the member doesn’t choose a username, his first and last name will be displayed on the screen. The Password should have at least “6” characters. A Username that has any kind of right infringement, racist or deemed inappropriate are not allowed. This includes infringement of rights of third parties or other naming and trademark laws and it should comply with common decency, and must comply with the German, Austrian and Swiss, North American & Canadian laws. Each Member is responsible for saving and keeping his own Password secret, and not passing it to any third party. In case of losing or forgetting the Password, the Member may reset his password through the website or contact Alloma through the website to get a new Password issued. This can only be made by the registered member personally. To do this, the member will have to prove the authenticity of his/her identity which may include his/her registration information, and his/her residential address.

7.      Alloma recommends its members to create a strong Password containing both letters and numbers. Passwords must be between “6” and “30” characters long. For security reasons, it is also recommended to replace the password periodically with a new password. The password can be configured or modified by going into "Account" and marking the "Change Password." checkbox.

8.      Alloma takes no responsibility for any damage caused by Password loss or by the hacking (cracking) the Password of a member by others or by unintentional security measures.

9.      In cases of suspected of abuse of the adult section of ​​Alloma website by minors, Alloma has the full right request a copy of the identity card of the member, or of the member’s parents, and Alloma team is fully allowed to disable or to block the account of the suspected member immediately. Alloma members who suspect any minor misuse, should inform Alloma team about.

10.   Illegal use of the adult section of the Alloma website is strictly forbidden; Any contact with minors in the adult area of ​​Alloma website is strictly forbidden. In cases of suspected child or minors abuse, Alloma may immediately block all accounts of related members, and may inform the authorities.

11.   It is strictly forbidden to publish adult-related offers or ads outside the adult section. Adult-related ads are ads, which are defined by law to be relevant for adults (age 18+) alone. Adult-related or content deemed inappropriate by Alloma, which are offered outside the adult section may be deleted, or modified by the Alloma team. In severe cases, such as adulterated or false ads intended for underage abuse, the membership will be immediately suspended, and the law enforcement agencies might be notified.

12.   Registered members who are under eighteen (18) years old have no access to the adult section of ​​Alloma website. All members are obliged to provide real information regarding their age. Alloma takes no responsibility for false information regarding the ages of its members. The legality, accuracy, and completeness of this information and its implications is solely under the responsibility of the registered member.

13.   Members who are under 18 years old will not be able to see the content of adult-categories, independent of what offers they make.

14.   All offers on Alloma website have a report button, which allows other users to report offers to Alloma-team. Reporting an item should be made with care and in cases, such as when suspecting fraud, illegal offers, and misuse, or when suspecting other sort of improper offers, that do not match the spirit for which the free Alloma website is made. Positive reporting can also be made and is encouraged, such as improvement suggestions, advertisement requests or otherwise.

15.   Upon wish, an Alloma member can delete his account by going into “Account” and pressing the “Delete” button.

16.   Alloma members who suspect an abuse of their own membership or Login information by others, are obliged to inform us about it immediately. Once we are informed of an unauthorized use of an account, we will disable this account as soon as possible. Alloma reserves the right to change Login, Password and Username of any member according to its considerations (e.g. when using improper or illegal names or such names that do not match the spirit of Alloma). In such a case, the Alloma team will inform the member as soon as possible.

17.   The Alloma website has been made in order to help  members make a fair exchange of goods and of services, and in order to create a better society. Any abuse of Alloma website is strictly forbidden. If Alloma team suspects any form of abuse by a member, the Alloma team is entitled the full right to block or delete the member’s account and possibly inform the authorities.

18.   In cases of violation to these terms and conditions by any member, Alloma team is fully entitled the right to cancel the violating member’s membership. This measure can be averted if the member clears the suspicion on his/her own expense by providing the proper documents proofing otherwise.

19.   When the personal information of an Alloma member change (e.g. Address changed), the member carries the responsibility to update it on Alloma website. Personal information can be updated under "Account".

20.   In case of a temporary change of the address of a member (e.g. during a holiday, a business trip, etc.), the member can type in a separate address for the specific offer (under "New Offer"), without needing to change his default address.

21.   When contacting other Alloma members through the Alloma “send message” service regarding any products or services, it is possible to specify “other” than default contact information. Even though this possibility exists, members are still fully committed to deliver real information and not false contact information, and are not allowed to abuse this possibility, which is designed for their convenience.

22.   Any person may view the Alloma website without being registered or being a member. When viewing the website without being logged in, no contact information of  members will be displayed, and the Adult Section of ​​Alloma website won’t be displayed as well. Reporting any improper offers by anonymous internet surfers will be disregarded in order to avoid misuse as much as possible.

23.   The mere consent of registering members to the general terms and conditions of Alloma website as such, does not create any monetary obligation of their side. Members can modify or delete their membership at any time under "Account". The mere registration to Alloma website, does not create any obligations of any kind or respect towards any offers or services made by Alloma or by other third parties.

24.   In order to be able to view the disclosed contact information of an Alloma-member who offers a physical item, members have to offer at least one single physical item (not services). With this Alloma wants to encourage fair participation, as services can be made very deceptive.

25.   In order to be able to see the contact information of other members, who made offers of physical items including items which are offered within the past 24 hours, the Alloma-member has to make at least one offer of one physical item (not service). The member offer of a physical item will entitle the offering member the right to see the disclosed contact information of all other members who made offers, which will appear under the “Contact” field of each offer for the duration of 75 days, including the latest offers of the past 24 hours. When this period is passed, the member will have to make another offer of a new physical item in order to renew the same access to the disclosed contact information of all other members who submitted physical items, for another 75 days.
Alloma differentiates between service offers and physical item offers.

26.   Service offers do not grant the offering member access to disclosed contact information of members who made offers of physical items during the past 24 hours, but the member will be granted access to all disclosed contact information of all members who made service offers, including offers made during the past 24 hours for the period of 75 days. On the other hand, members who make offers of physical items will be granted unlimited access to disclosed contact information of all offers both of physical items and of services made under all categories, including latest service offers for the duration of 75 days. Members who make only service offers will be granted access to disclosed contact-information of members offering physical items which are published over 24 hours ago.

27.   Alloma team is entitled the full exclusive right to decide in certain cases (even without member’s consent), whether the offer that is made by a certain member matches the Alloma criteria, and matches the category under which it is made. It is not allowed for members to put service offers under a physical categories, or otherwise; to put physical items under service categories. It is also not allowed to mix categories, especially what belongs to adult categories. For example, it is strictly forbidden to place an Adult offer under regular categories. Such offers won’t be tolerated and will be deleted by Alloma team, the member may also lose his/her membership, and in certain extreme cases Alloma team may notify the legal authorities.
Alloma website is made to serve us all, and to help create a better society and better community. Alloma therefore encourages members to contribute to the success of this website, by sticking to the ethical code, for which this website is made.
A member who puts a certain item under a non-related category will be marked. If his/her action is repeated several times, Alloma team might decide to take a one-sided action against the member (such as cancelling his/her membership) with or without notifying the member.
In certain cases, members might be contacted by Alloma team for clarification purposes. If members do not clarify the issues for which Alloma team has contacted them within a certain acceptable time as seen by Alloma team, a one sided action can be taken regarding their offer or regarding their membership.

28.   For security reasons, members who do not check the option “Keep me logged in”, and are not active on Alloma-website, will be automatically disconnected after 60 minutes (one hour). A disconnected member will need to reconnect in order to be able to use Alloma fully. This disconnection system is applied in order to increase the security and ensure more privacy to the members, especially for those working on public or commonly-used devices. Members who use devices that are used by others, are highly advised to disconnect from the Alloma-website each time they finish using it.

29.   Thank Other Members: Members who have received a free item or service, should thank the member who gave them the free item or service. Calling the member to say thank you, or sending her/him a thank you email or a thank you card will make the member who provided the item or the service feel good, and will encourage him/her to contribute more in the future for the general benefit of the society. This will surely help create a better society.

30.   Selling Goods: Alloma has been established in order to allow the exchange of items and services for FREE that will also help to preserve the environment. Alloma is here to nurture and support the good aspects and the good spirit of people, to encourage mutual help and being there for each other, and thus to create a better society.
There are always people who have goods or items which they no longer need, and would want to give it to people who can use them. There are always people who want and need such used items or products. However, there are also people or entities who would want to trade with such used goods. Principally, Alloma cannot and will not prohibit trading of used goods, however, the Alloma concept has emerged primarily in order to help create a better society and especially by primarily helping individuals save money. Therefore Alloma does not allow the commercial trade of free goods, if they were offered less than a week on its platform. With this Alloma wants to give private users a better and more realistic chance to receive goods they are in need for.
A commercial dealer or an individual who is willing to use the Alloma platform commercially, must:

1.   Contact Alloma team with a real email, phone number and address and describe his/her exact need.

2.   Give a description of the wished items or goods.

3.   Be committed to not trading with products that are less than a week, since first published on Alloma.

4.   The member offering the item or product should be notified that the item is intended for commercial trade, and have the member’s approval for it in advance.












A violation of these terms or a misuse is strictly forbidden, and it may be leading to cancelling the membership and possibly to submitting a legal claim and/or a legal action.

31.   A company, an organization or any other legal form of entities may also register to Alloma, provided that the registration is made by an authorized person by the legal entity, and provided it is not used for commercial purposes, but only to help create a better society. In such a case, the company, the entity or the organization may for example offer surplus materials, other goods or services, scrap materials, products or partial-products for free. In this scenario the company may have their company name or logo published, without being considered illegal commercial misuse by Alloma.
It is forbidden to use the Alloma platform by legal entities purely to serve their commercial purposes. Some links to companies’ services might be tolerated by Alloma team, provided the primary purpose of the offer remains to offer a real item or service, and the self-advertising takes only a negligible part of the offer. Alloma has the full and exclusive right to decide whether the published advertisement is acceptable and serves the good and positive spirit and purposes of the Alloma concept.

32.   A Member may not publish false offers of any kind. Alloma is a free platform made in order to promote a good cause and in order to get the best of human characteristics. Therefore a high degree of honesty among its members is expected. Offers have to be real and reflect exactly what is written in them. Members who publish false or misleading offers or requests will have their membership withdrawn.

33.   Alloma has the full and exclusive right to change and modify the website at any time, to modify and/or change or cancel certain technologies or stop them.

34.   Alloma may update the website often in order to improve it or in order to fix certain issues. Updating the website may cause some delays for users during the update-time. User should take that in account. The Alloma team will do its best to minimize such delays as much as possible.

35.   Alloma team is doing its best to keep Alloma website running smoothly, to keep it free of charge and to constantly improve it. But it can happen that some technical or other issues may arise that cannot be solved directly. The Member agrees that he/she has no right of any kind to any legal claims towards Alloma or its team, cannot ask or claim any compensation for any losses that might occur to him/her, even if Alloma service is completely stopped. The member recognizes and agrees that due to the philanthropic nature of Alloma website, it cannot be maintained at the same level of commercial websites. Errors, delays and other unwanted technical problems may arise, and it may not be possible to solve them immediately or directly. We’re a philanthropic platform and we strive to serve best within our abilities. We are happy for anyone who participates with the growing philanthropic platform of Alloma, and we’re looking forward to serve you. If unexpected or unwanted problems arise, it does not give any member any legal right to claim or place charges against Alloma, Alloma legal partners, or Alloma-team in any way.

36.   The Member agrees that the Alloma-service is completely a free service, and that it can be stopped or modified at any time by the Alloma team. The Alloma team is entitled the full exclusive right to do so. Alloma members have no right or claims of any kind regarding the continuity of Alloma service or Alloma team activity. Alloma plans to integrate advertisement within the website in the near future in order to be able to keep the Alloma website free. Integrating advertisement within the Alloma website will not change the existing free service of Alloma website, but the design of the website might change slightly. Alloma will tend to adjust the automatic advertising, so that the ads will be chosen from “quality, serious and less harming” advertisers.

37.   If misuse regarding certain offers is reported by other members,  Alloma team is entitled the full right to immediately cancel, suspend, stop, delete, and/or contact the publishing member for clarifications and ask the member to modify or to change his/her offer. When illegal acts and violations of law are discovered, Alloma team may unilaterally cancel or suspend the membership immediately, and may also notify the law enforcement authorities. Severe cases of law violation will not be tolerated by Alloma team, for example cases of child abuse, or of serious fraud. The Idea of creating the concept of Alloma website is to help create a better and more environmentally and socially aware society, and to help protect the environment by emphasizing the reusability of goods. The free services-concept is developed in order to encourage the spirit of volunteerism and mutual support and the gift of giving within the community. When Alloma website is properly used, both the member offering the free item or free service, and the member receiving it will benefit from. That is in addition to the great feeling of having done something good for society, and the feeling of belonging to each other.

38.   Members aren’t allowed to report the misuse of an offer purely out of revenge or out of other personal, non-justifiable or for any other inappropriate reasons.


§4 Service Offers

When publishing service offers, the following should be considered:

1.      The service offers may not be made purely for advertisement reasons and may not be a kind of misleading ads.

2.      Members offering services should ideally offer at least 2 (two) service-meetings or services within the same service-offer in order to increase the benefit of it.

3.      The offerings should include the word “FREE” or contain a different phrasing which emphasizes that the service is completely FREE of charge. No direct or indirect misleading formulations of services of any kind are allowed. Alloma is entitled to full exclusive right to decide whether an offer matches Alloma guidelines or not, and whether to delete it, or to modify it.

4.      Alloma team is entitled the exclusive right to modify offers if they do not comply with Alloma guidelines. Modifying is often referred to as deleting certain parts of the offer.

5.      The Alloma team may contact the member and/ask him/her to modify the offer.

6.      Service offers aren’t allowed to have any direct racist, or racial-backgrounds, or any kind of discrimination (race, financial situation, gender, age or other non-logical biased reasons).
Offers which are made for a good purpose, or that are a matter of taste, or have logical and positive reasons to be limited to certain groups will be exempted. This includes certain offers within the adult section. For example, services such as:

a.   Services to a limited to a specific gender for logical reasons.

b.   Services limited to a certain age, for example, tutoring for pupils up to 10 years old.

c.   Taste matters!  For example within the adult section, offering dating assistance to a certain race (for taste reasons), special assistance to certain groups, special help for people from certain groups, such as those with addiction/substance abuse issues, disabled persons, students etc.)

7.      Travel expenses are to be paid by the service recipient, if required.  Travel arrangements are the responsibility of those involved in the service agreement among themselves.

Email and other contact possibilities

8.      The Member agrees that the Alloma team may contact him/her at any time and particularly in certain special and/or in exceptional cases, and according to Alloma’s considerations. For example, in order to inform the Member of changes, such as legal changes (terms and conditions or other legal matters), technological and/or design changes, informative emails, in cases of abuse, or in other cases.

9.   If the Member hasn’t checked the option of “I would like to receive email messages from Alloma team”, but checked the option of “Wishing to receive a copy of messages forwarded to his/her email address”, the member will be forwarded the messages of other members directed to him/her.

10.   In order to improve Alloma services, Alloma team is currently working on the implementation of a smart agent, with which members can refine alerts and messages that are to be sent to them, adjust more personal settings, define queries for wished products or services and do further customization. The members agree in advance to receive these automated customized messages, once the smart agent is implemented.

11.   In the future, Alloma might add certain paid services (e.g. SMS messaging). Such services would be made in order to further improve Alloma services, and will be offered optionally to members who wish to use them. The services won’t be mandatory in any way. When using paid services, members would be notified about, and will be asked in advance to approve them. Alloma commits to keep maximum transparency towards its members and offer them best possible experience.

12.   Images: There are no means for Alloma team to verify the authenticity of the uploaded images. There is also no obligation for members to upload real images for offers they place. Images can often serve for merely observation/orientation purposes. Alloma users should be aware of this point; hence they should read the description in order to have a better idea about the offer. For clarity, members should contact the publisher of the offer for further information. The authenticity of published information or images cannot be guaranteed by Alloma, and it is merely under the sole responsibility of the publisher.


§5 Privacy Policy

1.      Collecting, processing and usage of personal data of any Alloma-Member will be solely used for contract and for potential billing purposes. Usually, the registration information of members is saved for internal purposes and in order to be able to contact the member.

2.      Alloma is a free service, which is funded by income from ads and eventually from potential donations. Without it, no expensive development costs, no further development and no decent hosting can be paid.
In order to offer the best possible service, ads might often be displayed on the website.
Alloma ensures the members that no personal data of any member is delivered to the advertisers by Alloma. However, it may happen when clicking an ad that the advertiser will ask the member to disclose certain personal information. This has nothing to do with Alloma and it is outside its area. In this case, it is the member’s full choice to decide whether and what personal information he/she would reveal. Alloma does not endorse any products or services offered on this philanthropic platform.

3.      In order to improve Alloma services, some fee-based services might be offered by Alloma in the future (e.g. SMS messages). In such a case, the member’s consent is requested before the use of these services.
Some of Alloma fee-based services might be offered by trusted third parties. Such parties may require that members disclose certain personal information in order to process their request and let them use the service (e.g. when paying for SMS; identity and financial information of the member would probably be requested by those parties in order to process the payment).

4.      Certain data, such as the number of clicks on certain categories, the number of uploaded pictures per member, and other statistical data might be gathered by Alloma for internal purposes. Gathering this information will allow Alloma to improve its services, improve the use of the services, and improve the speed and the accessibility to popular categories. Generally, the sort of data gathered by Alloma is the number of clicks on certain categories, date, time, region, subscriber’s IP address and location. Some further information that may help Alloma improve its services, might be gathered in the future as well. It could be information about the volume of data-transfer, or other statistical data.

5.       In certain cases of legal disputes and if required by law, Alloma is entitled the right to gather the personal data of a particular member, to process it and use it for internal purposes and / or for legal proceedings. It can also be used in order to contact the member, especially in the case of law violation and not complying with Alloma policies.

Email and Other Messages

6.      Alloma has made the website as far as possible, safe, secure, easy to use, and user-personalized. It is up to the member to decide which personal contacts should be displayed to other members in general, or as displayed as offer-related contacts. In order to improve the Alloma website, Alloma might make some changes in the future, especially when adding new services. Alloma always strives to improve the website and keep it at highest possible transparency and usability.

7.      Alloma is fully allowed to use and to deliver the billing data of a certain member to a third party in order to determine the required payment, insofar as this is necessary for calculating the payment and the billing of the member. This also applies for paid services offered by Alloma directly or by any related third-party. When law enforcement authorities formally demand certain information of certain members, Alloma is fully authorized to collect the personal data, to process it, to reveal it, and to use it when necessary. This is necessary to prevent illegal utilization of its services, and in order to enforce claims related to the Member. Alloma is obliged to deliver the member’s information to the courts and to law enforcement authorities for law enforcement purposes.

8.      If the Member has no outstanding bills, the Member may terminate his membership at any given time with which his/her data will be deleted. When the Member still have any outstanding bills, his/her membership will be cancelled and stopped, but the Member’s data and personal information will be kept stored until the payment or the obligations of the Member are completely settled. In the case of law violation or of criminal acts, Alloma has the right to store the data of the member as long as it is required for the legal and/or for judicial proceedings to be completed.

9.      For the convenience and user-friendliness of Alloma website, Alloma stores the so-called cookies on the local PC of the Member. The cookies are used, in order to automatically recognize the Member, and in order to adjust the preferences, when he/she revisits the site. For example, in order to immediately recognize which language and which country the member has selected last. The cookies can be deleted at any time by the user through the browser.

§6 Court Jurisdiction

Enforcement / Jurisdiction / Applicable Law

1.   Court Jurisdiction is generally the same as either the head office of Alloma, or as the place of residence of the Member. Court jurisdiction is applicable and relevant for all countries where Alloma Members are.  Example: For residents of the German speaking countries, the court jurisdiction can be either in Germany, or in the country of the Member’s residency. However, Alloma is entitled to sue the Member at any other jurisdiction it considers. The court location for Members with outstanding bills would mostly be the same location in which the service provider resides. In certain cases, Alloma has the right to choose a different place.

2.   The contract is subject to the laws of the member’s country of residency, with the exception of rules of the international law for private rights. For the UK, Canada and other countries, the contract is governed by the laws of the specific country, or another country chosen by Alloma.

§7 Donation and Exchange Agreement

1.   Donations, exchange of articles and the various free services offered by Alloma are exclusively made among the Members and independent of Alloma. The style, the implementation of the offers made, and the agreement between partners is solely a matter between engaged Members or parties.

2.   Alloma has no contractual relationship of any kind regarding donations or free services made on its platform among the Members, and it carries no responsibility of any kind regarding carrying out of mutually agreed contracts among members. Independent of the aforementioned explanation, Alloma encourages Members to be responsible, and post only serious offers which they intend to carry out exactly as they have described it within their offer.

3.   When complying with these Terms and Conditions and with the applicable laws, Alloma does not intervene in any potential or in any existing donation offer or in any service offer made by any Member.

4.   For time-limited service offers, the offering Member should make at least 2 (two) units, and it would be suggested at least 3 (three) units of the offer made. For example, if a certain member offers tutoring for kids under 15 years old, he/she should offer at least two or three time-units of the same service. The offer could look then similar to: “I Offer 3 tutoring lessons in Physics for kids under 15 years old.” Or “A Gardner offers 3 hours of consultation and/or help.” With this policy, Alloma targets the improvement of services offered, so they would become more meaningful and qualitative. Alloma suggests that references and safety of children and vulnerable people should be considered at all times.

§8 Social Media and Forums

1.      Alloma has the right to publish certain selected offers of free products or free services on its Social Media and Forum websites in order to introduce them to other Members. These externally published offers will be published without the Member‘s contact information, and will conventionally link to the matching offers on Alloma website.

2.      Members can inform their friends about certain offers by using the Alloma Facebook "Like", "Share" or "Send" buttons. Alloma recommends doing this. The more people participate in Alloma, the better it gets for them and for society.  Alloma plans to integrate further social media platforms (e.g. G+, Twitter and others) within the Alloma website soon.

3.      Alloma may add in the future some popularity and reliability visualization graphics for members and for offers. (e.g. stars indicating the reliability of each member).


§9 Content

1.      Alloma Members are not allowed to post content that violate legal regulations, administrative orders or morality.

2.      Alloma Members are not allowed to publish content which violates third party rights, in particular copyrights and trademarks. If this occurs, the publishing Member will solely take the full responsibility of subsequent consequences.

3.      It is strictly forbidden for Alloma Members to post any textual content that directly or indirectly includes any of the following: illegal or illegality promoting text, bullying/hatred or hate-promoting text, racist texts, politically biased texts, texts promoting extremism of any kind, texts related to underage sexuality, gender or religion racist texts and any other unethical texts.

4.      Alloma Members are not allowed to publish offers that violate legal regulations (e.g. Drugs), official orders or morality.

5.      It is forbidden for Alloma Members to publish offers that promote, contain, describe or represent propaganda, symbols of unconstitutional organizations, glorify war, violate human right and/or dignity, show, contain or describe children or adolescents in a sexual or in an unnatural sexually explicit body pose or language.

6.      Alloma takes no responsibility of any kind for the offers of goods and/or services made using its platform.

7.      Generally, Alloma does not check the legality, accuracy or completeness of the content published by Members on its platform, and it does not have the resources to prematurely prevent publishing such content. Illegally published content underlies the sole responsibility of publishing Members.

8.      Alloma reserves the right to delete strange, improper or illegal content and/or to block Members, who publish such content, if they violate relevant legal laws, violate the intention of Alloma and/or the legal rights of third parties, and/or if they are liable to prosecution or for the preparation of criminal acts against them.

9.      If Members violate the law, or if they commit criminal acts or if they violate the rights of third parties or the rights of other Members that could result in legal and/or judicial proceedings against Alloma and/or the Member, and/or which causes time delays and costs to Alloma, the Member assumes full responsibility for all costs associated with his/her actions and will pay Alloma all incurring costs including the costs of the legal defense of Alloma, court costs, attorney fees and internally and externally administrative expenses.


§10 Actions and blocking

1.      Alloma reserves the right to take the following measures if sufficiently specific indications are given that Alloma Members violated governing laws, government regulations, these terms and conditions and/or if they infringed the rights of third parties, and/or if Alloma and/or any of its Members have legitimate reason for doing so:

§  Modification or deletion of the published offer.

§  Warning, deactivating or cancelling the membership in severe cases.

2.      A Member whose membership was cancelled “finally”, is not allowed to re-register under a different name.

3.      In cases of violations, Alloma makes its considerations to protect the interests of the Member, against whom the violation was made, and not those of the violating Member.


§11 Further Duties of Members

1.      Alloma Members commit to take all appropriate data security measures and to comply with them.

2.      Alloma Members aren’t allowed to gather personal information of other Members or use it for purposes other than those intended by the relating Members.

3.      The Alloma Member is responsible for any account damage that is caused by carelessness or recklessness of his/her side, which may also include the loss of login and/or password or any other related damage.

4.      Alloma ensures the Members that it will back up the account information frequently, but since it is nearly impossible to technically secure any open system such as the Alloma platform with 100% assurance that no hacking may occur, Alloma cannot ensure that no unexpected personal or account information loss may occur, and it cannot take responsibility if such a loss or damage is made. In such an unexpected case, Alloma will still do its best to recover it, and to minimize any loss that may occur and decrease the damage as much as possible.

5.      It is strictly forbidden for Members to compromise the security and/or the security measures of Alloma in any way.

6.      It is forbidden for Alloma Members to post offers, or make any posts or any kind or any information delivery through the Alloma platform that may include any direct or indirect malicious code or any sort of data which is infected with Viruses, Worms or Trojans. If an Alloma Member or any user of the Alloma platform causes damage in the functionality of Alloma platform intentionally, and/or by misusing the Alloma platform, the causing Member or user will be charged for the full cost of the damage.

7.      Alloma Members are fully responsible for all activities that are conducted or related to their accounts.


§12 Legal Liability

1.      Alloma is not liable for defects and damages caused by third parties.

2.      Alloma is not liable for actions carried out among Members.

3.      The costs that may incur due to damage caused by an Alloma Member, will be carried fully by the causing member.

4.      Alloma holds no responsibility whatsoever for claims for damages made by third parties.

5.      Alloma uses latest modern technology within its limited financial capabilities. But even the latest current state of technology cannot be guaranteed to be error-free, and cannot guarantee an error-free data communication. Alloma cannot be held liable in this respect for not ensuring continuous availability of system.


§13 Copyright

1.      When uploading personal or other images, the Member carries the full responsibility for the copyrights of images he/she uses. If any images texts etc., posted through Alloma have any copyright protection, Alloma will have exclusive rights by the posting Member to use all posted information on its social media and other Alloma Forums and Platforms. If the posted images or texts are not in the possession of the posting member and claims are made against their use, the posting Member will be held responsible for all claims. Alloma cannot and does not check the legality of information within members’ posts or offers as a standard procedure.

2.      The use of images or texts published on Alloma platform by third parties is forbidden and requires the express consent of Alloma team or that of the publishing Member.

3.      By uploading images, or by publishing texts on Alloma platform, the Member agrees to entitle Alloma the direct and indirect rights to use the images or texts.

4.      Alloma does not review or check the authenticity of posted images and texts, and it is therefore considered the mere responsibility of the publishing Member to check and make sure of publishing legal content. The Member will be asked to pay the full cost, in case the Member causes damage by careless copying, in the case of infringement of rights, or privacy of others, and in other cases.


§14 Final Provisions

1.    Alloma retains the right to change or amend these terms and conditions at any time.

2.    Generally, the laws and rules of each country in which Alloma operates apply for users of that country. When performing actions among members from different countries, the more limiting law of both countries always applies to both members. Example, if one country allows the sale of tobacco for people over 17 years of age, while a second country allows the sale of tobacco for people over 18 years of age, then the delivery of tobacco is allowed for users from both countries who are over 18 years of age.

3.    Disputes that occur on the "Alloma Website”, which will get Alloma involved, will be resolved under the jurisdiction applicable in the relevant country, or under the jurisdiction of another country chosen by Alloma. Disputes that happen on "Alloma Website” in which members of different countries are involved, and which will get Alloma involved, will be resolved either under the jurisdiction of one of the countries for which the respective Alloma website is made, or under the jurisdiction of another country chosen by Alloma.

4.    Should individual provisions of the contract with the Member including these general terms and conditions in whole or in part, be or become invalid for any reason whatsoever, the validity of the remaining provisions will remain unaffected. The wholly or partially ineffective provision shall be replaced by the contracting parties by a valid provision, which reflects and supports the purpose of the invalid provision. The aforementioned provision applies only in case of loopholes.




Alloma team is committed to protecting the privacy of children. Members should be aware that this site is not intended or designed to attract children under the age of 13 years old. Because the age of children who are allowed to use the website may differ among different countries, the limit for the use of Alloma website is set to be at least 14 (fourteen) years old. Alloma has no way of checking the authenticity of the data of its members as a standard procedure. In the case of violation of the Child Protection Act, the member will be held responsible for the full consequences of his/her act. If the violation is caused by underage children, their parents will be considered or held responsible.